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President: Katie
Hi, I’m Katie and I’m the new president of UEA Dancesport! I’m going into my final year studying Meteorology, having spent the past year studying abroad in Vancouver. I love dancing because it’s given me so much confidence and so many amazing friends both inside and outside of the club! My favourite dance is Samba because it has an amazing beat and is a real party dance.
VP & Secretary: Hannah
Hi I'm Hannah Jones, I'm a third year psychology student and this year I will be Dancesport's Vice-President and Secretary. My favourite dance is the samba because it's such an upbeat and fun dance and everyone loves when a samba song comes on at a competition! I have been doing ballroom and latin dancing since I was 8 years old, so joining Dancesport at UEA has given me the great opportunity to compete again and meet other people with the same love for dance as me.
Treasurer: Amy
Hiya, I’m Amy! I’m going to be the new treasurer at Dancesport and I will be in my second year studying Occupational Therapy. My first year in Dancesport was amazing, I met so many friends and enjoyed every event. My favourite dance is the quickstep as I love the feeling of flying over the dance floor!
Team Captain: Sam
Hi, I'm Sam, master's computer science student and returning Team Captain of UEA Dancesport! I've been dancing ballroom since I was 3 and signed right up to the club upon joining the uni, becoming Treasurer in my second year and TC then on. I love both the social and competitive sides of the club and training up the beginners that represent us. My favourite dance would have to be the jive -- the more energetic and exciting, the better!
Hey, I’m Hannah and I’m going into my final year of a PE degree. This will be my third year of Dancesport after a year being social sec and now taking the role of events organiser! I could not have chosen a better club to join as a fresher, both the competitive and social side of the club are fab and I love just getting to dance every week! My favourite dance is the jive because it’s so energetic and looks amazing!
Social Secretary
We currently don't have one! If you're a member of Dancesport, or sign up for the club in September, then we would love for you to run for this role!
Media Rep: Claire
Hi! I'm Claire Bilsborough and I'm media rep for Dancesport. I'm going into my second year of a BA English literature degree. I first joined Dancesport last year because I already knew a few people in the club, and I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone. My favourite dance is the cha cha cha, because it can be challenging, and the music is always fun to dance to!
Equality Diversity: Matt
Hi I'm Matt, the Club fundraiser and club development officer and I'm going into third year History and second year on committee. Dancesport has been amazing at giving me greater confidence and helping me make lifetime friends in and around the club. My favourite dance is the waltz due to its smooth rhythm and elegance.
Union Representative: Tom
Hi, I'm Tom Baragwanath! I'm the health and safety, and equality and diversity officer, as well as union rep. I got into dancing through Strictly UEA. I stayed because it was something totally out of my comfort zone but everyone was so welcoming to me that it made the experience fun rather than terrifying. My favourite dance is the Viennese Waltz.
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